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Saturday, September 02, 2006

party planning and photography

In the planning stages it is essential to explore what you are hoping to achieve, how you want your guests to feel throughout the party and how you want them to remember it.

This is not simple and is the essence of what creates a fabulous event. In creating a story for your event( a beginning, middle and end) you are providing the essentials to explain what you want from a photographer. To co decide the style of photography and your hopes for the recording of the experiences that happen during the event.

It is essential that you choose the photographer that will best strive to deliver what you have created in your planning.

Planning is not just checklists. It is not just booking services. without the right story the end result will be weak.


Blogger hermajestythequeen said...

I have a small gathering of friends and (mostly) aquaintances in Sandringham this weekend. Do you think I can co-plan an exciting papparazzi event with the real celebrities or would you be a little frightened? Do you like magic? You won't run away will you? I command you to my Royal gathering on the weekend. Can you bring some clowns? I want a book of the event - do you know someone who will print on a Sunday?

11:35 pm  
Blogger the clown said...

more than my job is worth to talk about a job on a sunday.
clowns,magicians, do you mean the royal variety show? are you going to compere your own show? could this be a pressmen scoop?

12:25 am  

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