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Monday, August 28, 2006

photojournalism under scrutiny

Check this out
look here


Blogger hermajestythequeen said...

Come now my Lord - methinks you are confused somewhat!

It is certain that some images require a little attention - maybe using filters or photoshop and the like. Of that there is no doubt. Some pictures taken at the right time of day (and year) depending on the country, the weather and the circumstances produce images (maybe taken at decisive moments or not) that are brilliant, needing little or no intervention.

The images produced for self gratification or profit utilising image manipulation to depict events not actually as it happened can very rarely be justified. Generally produced for profit and which subsequently mislead the viewer into believing something to be true - when it isn't - will lead to punishment by internment in my Tower. Those who carry out such processes will be hung, drawn and quartered (plus the usual tortures that my men inflict) and the remaining heads will be spiked and paraded around our popular city areas. This especially applies to foreigners who have not the same sensitivities as our good selves. I believe we also have not the same sensitivities as our foreign partners and understand their customs of removing hands and torturing their fellow countrymen. Different cultures often have a concept of rule that is necessary for their people. We are not all educated in the same way - believe in the same things - or desire similar destinies - why try to impose the same rules for all? Any parallels to compare these thoughts with? I I used to like my old Royal yacht and they took it away amongst other things. I now have now planned to take away toys from Mr Blair but it gives me no pleasure anymore. Now - where's my copy of 'Spitting Image' with Maggie Thatcher and myself? (one of my favourites). What card are you thinking of - Queen of Hearts?

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