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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

review of reuters bias

An example of what has been found so far. The analysis by this particular writer is driven by his own agenda. The pictures cover a conflict that produces highly emotive views and opinions.

It is important that over and above all this, these reporting organisations are failing to stick to their basic values of objective reporting. And for sure examples can probably be found over the years of a lack of objectivity. It still seems that these organisations are not even bothering to try and maintain their standards in the race to cover stories. The need to sell content at all costs is becoming paramount. journalists under massive time and danger pressures are failing to reflect on their own prejudices, accepting unquestioned assumptions as if they are the truth. Then we the public are told a story that is not objective reporting of a conflict but a narrative that is unashamedly bias. And one wonders if some of the journalists even realise this fact. it is possible to point to journalists who don't maintain any modicum of objectivity but I think there are quite a few who just seem incapable of questioning what is happenning around them. And this becomes a threat to the very fabric of representative democracies, which to function properly depend on an informed public.

taking pictures is not enough. it is not simple. There are no ready made easy answers. But the situation at present is appalling.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so what everybody does it.

12:26 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so I suppose thats alright is it?

12:28 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

typical postmodern claptrap.

12:30 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why is it that reporters describe situations that they are unable to prove? make statements with no basis on provable facts

1:04 am  

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