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Sunday, August 06, 2006

reuters in doo do

Regarding a REUTERS photo taken by Adnan Hajj. Apparently reuters have withdrawn a photo by adnan hajj after bloggers claimed the photo had been doctored. The blogs accused Reuters of distorting the photograph to include more smoke and damage.A series of close ups are then posted on the blog, showing that it’s not only the plumes of smoke that were 'enhanced.' there are also cloned buildings. The close ups do appear to show exact replicas of buildings appearing next to one another in the photograph.

If this is true,it shows what can happen. For whatever reason a photographer making his photo more sensational. Not some artistic shot where someone just changes the exact color of a sky to enhance the shot for artistic purposes. A blatant attempt to make a shot appear far worse than it was in order maybe just to sell the shot or maybe to advance a particular political viewpoint. Back in the 1960's academics were arguing that the media was creating the news and framing stories in a way that shaped the underlying message. Maybe it is commonplace. Even so it bothers me.


Blogger hermajestythequeen said...

Yes - just another example of a slightly clumsy attempt to add drama to enhance what is already a fearfully dramatic image. However, it occurs to me that there is so much manipulation in the picture, the story, the actual reasons for the war and so forth - that the blame for these wrongs can never be levelled at individuals with any credibility.

So many, are making so many bucks from this and other similar situations. The media are a prime example but primarily we should look at those who govern participating countries. I am horrified by what is taking place in Lebanon and Israel but feel there must be a well thought out strategy (mainly between the USA and Israel) for continueing what is a mass destruction of a potential danger to much of the world in future years. I wonder how many of you listened to a discussion on the BBC 'Today' programme this morning which eloquently gave well founded reasons for the war and it's continuence for the time being? It echoed some of my own thoughts concerning Iran and Syria. However, I began to think whether I have been condditioned into such a way of thought. After all, our own perception of what is happening is santised to an extent in the UK - more so than in some other countries reporting this war (and other stuff) that we cannot be sure of all the facts. Internet helps but this means spending time to find the facts. Even then, the facts are coloured.

I may be guilty of missing my point agin but I do feel that Iran is a huge reason why the USA, Britain and other countries have left this war to rage (even support it). However, with the fearful thought that Iran has missles that are capable of hitting London (nuclear armed?) and the devastating believe that they should support the idea that Israel should be eradicated from the planet - isn't this something to be very concerned about? Concern is a lame emotion where there is such an enormous problem to solve. Israel is seen to be the aggressor here and in fact - it may be that Israel is acting as a liberator. There has been so much obscurity and double dealing in politics that I can be persuaded otherwise but on the face of it - despite the killing of innocent people - the war is a necessary evil. It has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that there can be no peace without some drastic action. Lets hope the drastic action does not lead to some sort of nuclear 'short-term incision'. I don't believe there is any such thing as a short-term nuclear incision. Let's take our lessons from the short-term solutions attempted in Vietnam and more recently in Afghanistan and Iraq.

And what of the after-math? I do hope the consequenses of all this trauma and levelling of power has been well thought out. The final clear-up is going to be costly in more ways than one. We will all take a part whether we like it or not.

I'd like to leave you with these thoughts. With the good that new technology can bring - inevitably there will be bad. Without the bad that new levels of communication has brought us it is inevitable there will be some good. This brings us back to that picture that spawned this blog.

It is not sufficient to criticise, comment and offer bland alternatives. It is not sufficient to handwave or Fisk. For most of us this is our heritage.

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