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Sunday, July 30, 2006

book on wedding photography

I spent the day talking photography with simon experimenting with lighting and doing some street photography. Then we went into borders ordered tea and browsed some magazines and books. Found one book I liked. The art of wedding photography by bambi cantrell and skip cohen. The names didn't help as I started thinking of bambi and skippy the bush kangaroo. However, I liked the philosophy behind the photography, with a lot of good shots to look at. They talk about capturing the emotion of the day. Photojournalism. It is just what I love to capture. What makes it all worthwhile for me. I haven't read it fully yet but what I've looked at so far is impressive. Pop into your local bookshop and have a look.


Blogger hermajestythequeen said...

What I suggest Tim - is that when you next take your photo-journalsim pictures (maybe use your 7 to 14mm on your lapel) - is to take your nose out of the book you refer to and have a good look at what you are about to shoot while engaging the brain. My very large brain is not for hire but I do have an orb and sceptre Chas can beat you with (for no charge).

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