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Saturday, July 29, 2006

point and shoot camera for photojournalism

Found this, A blog by mark sweeting about point and shoot photography. here he referred to this article About a professional photojournalist who uses a point and shoot camera on assignment. Very interesting.


Blogger hermajestythequeen said...

oh! I tend to eat, shoot and leaves too. Why is it that some photographers think that their gimmicky small (invisible) cameras gives them some kinda magic and a little invisibility? There is so much rubbish about photography and so many 'also rans'. Anyone with a smidgen of talent can obtain some good/excellent pictures some of the time but it takes real talent and experience to take good shots consistantly. Does this apply to you? Be honest and if it does - try not to bore the rest of us with technical wizardry - when the essence of truly excellent photography (and this has to be separated into it's various categories) is inherent in the image makers mind and hands. I mention 'image-maker' rather than photographer, as often images are manipulated, combined, or creatively manipulated with art/graphic design and so forth. Often to the better but this can be for the worse in unsophistocated or technically ill-trained hands.

I'm not sure where this is going now as I had to leave this blog for a couple of hours or so - but I imagine something in the previous blog sparked off a grouch of some sort. Basically, I feel there are just a handful of good image-makers who are consistant and deserve any sort of accolade. The rest of us (and I suppose I have to reluctantly include myself - maybe - possibly - well - present company excluded) should shut-up and await the unassisted praise of those who know about quality, decisive moments and the hassle it can be to take/obtain decent photography.


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