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Friday, November 10, 2006

Wikipedia on reportage

"Reportage is also a term for an eye-witness genre of journalism: an individual journalist's report of news, especially when witnessed firsthand, distributed through the media. This style of reporting is often characterized by travel and careful observation."
I like the phrase careful observation. In event photography it is so important to concentrate and observe all that is happenning around one in order to catch those interesting moments that stand out from the rest.


Blogger hermajestythequeen said...

I always separate the two types of photography that I kinda get involved with. There is the fairly well-planned (staged if you wish) preconceived pictures I take (always for money) and the let's go out there (whether into the world or down to the studio) and see what happens - get the angles, use the light (and it's not just lucky to get a 4.30am sunrise...) and see where it all leads (also for a heap of money sometimes). The money does get in the way of it all but often it gives a desire to get up and be there. Does there always have to be a focus?

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