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Thursday, November 09, 2006

More on reportage and weddings

Reportage is different from traditional wedding photography, which is for the most part concerned with controlled or staged portraits. Reportage is more concerned with capturing the story of an event as per a photo essay. Trying to capture the spirit and character of the guests. The traditional way to achieve this was to stay in the backgroung photographing candid shots as you see events unfolding. It is true there are reaction shots which are natural. It is also possible to interact with guests to create shots and still their reactions are natural and show their true emotions at that moment.


Blogger hermajestythequeen said...

I generally use my Leica, pre-focused at a certain combination of shutter speed and aperture - shooting from the Royal hip. Over the years I have found that ocassionally I get lucky. I haved never been lucky with Charles but that's another story and we woun't go into that.

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