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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Things that like the sky ...


Blogger hermajestythequeen said...

Obviouysly all this photography busimness is 'above your head' Mit - like the sky... (what dooo you mean?)
The tame 'ringed' flamingo that is smelling it's foot in the pouring rain is vaguely amusing I suppose - but doesn't quite cut the mustard.

This brings us to the one eyed owl which could be a finger puppet or a willy warmer sock. Enough said.

The microlite shot (at least we think it's a microlite but it is soooo small in the picture that it can hardly be identified as such) has such an anaemic sunset (no jugglers though) which looks kinda smokey in an awful way - PLUS a horrid little bush/tree in the mid distance. All the elements are there but it didn't come off agin... Maybe use that longer lens you used on the finger puppet?

Which brings us to the boring image of a guy with a helmet doing nothing with someone else who looks as though he is bored too. Half a propeller gives us a clue that it might have been taken the same time as the awful microlite shot above. Both these shots have been somehow grabbed but with a little bit more thought and care, some great photo's could have been produced. Overall though - they look pleasing but you can do a lot better Mit. You didn't expect me to comment in any other way did you? Come take some shots of me while I watch Polo - you can have access to the Royal Pit alongside the other professional photographers. What a thrill you will have. More than I had when I first saw this rubbish you have just published. No knighthoods this time round then.

5:39 pm  
Blogger Tim Gooding said...

thanks for your thoughtful thoughts queenyourmajesty. My finger puppet is terribly hurt but is currently being comforted by the smelly footed flamingo. I know that it is difficult to see things in your old age (must be hard to know you are so past it) but a longer lens on would exclude either the sunset or the microlight. There are some who have not queened their majesty that like that shot quite a lot.

As for the boring image, you stand amongst your subjects here as I seem to be the only one the likes it. But I posted it anyway because I could and you couldn't stop me. Nyaaa!!

Oh, hold on ... where did my head go?

10:29 am  

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