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Sunday, October 15, 2006

wedding photography 4

A client in hiring a photographer is investing in memories. What is a memory? A visual record of the event. What do people need and want? It used to be a joke that once a year people would bore their friends with a slide show of their holiday or wedding or some other such event. What will make those images interesting? Is it emotion and character? To see the human elements that made up their event. People do want a record of their guests and a record of themselves and their friends. But they want to see the humanity of all these people. Their character and personality. Not false smiles but how they behaved on the day. They want to relive the feeling of the day. That must have the emotion. And as I said previously to catch people in a candid and truthful way not only needs a trigger happy photographer but also one who knows how to create rapport with the guests.


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