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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom beta 4.0. This is available as a free download. Has anyone tried it? What is your opinion?


Blogger hermajestythequeen said...

Multitude of features for the professional photographer and especially suited to those in a hurry to edit and catagorise their shoots. Stock photo's can be sorted quickly and efficiently as can edits with other types of shoot. The light-box type of quick sort is very good as is the ability to swiftly copy the images elsewhere into other categories. The quick methods of image enhancement namely colour, brightness and contrast are given high priority but the system also has sophistocated controls over all image requirements. So much so that it does seem to be overwhelming at first glance. However, once the general controls are known/set - it can be as simple as useing (for instance) iView. Lightroom has a lot more going for it though. The ability to see your images at speed and to drag them to an electronic light-box is wonderful. Something I believe I will have to master very soon and a must have when the final full version comes out. Goodbye iView - hello Lightroom.
Now where did I leave my Royal chip full of images to be catalogued/edited/enhanced/put-up on the web/raw processed/altered/sent to you/you name it.

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