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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pressmen as digital comic Paparazzi consider photographic light

When working as fake,digital,comic or spoof paparazzi at the beginning of events all the interaction happens at a frantic pace. people are coming into the event and like all mix and mingle entertainment one of the goals is to help create an impact and be a catalyst towards a fun and open atmosphere.
At the same time the pressmen are trying to catch this sense of fun in candid photographs of the guests. there are special moments when they smile laugh or interct which are perfect moments for photography.
This is all happenning in a very ad hoc manner. Yet there is a space that is the entrance where the client has said you must work.
It is a space that usually has a whole series of mixed lighting from ambient through to moving coloured spots. It is essential before the job starts to do test photos to find the best place to shoot and the best angles and the best direction. Then there is a chance to interact with the guests and choose ones direction to maximise not only the mix and mingle interaction but also maximise the available light.


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