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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Party photography and relationships

Peter Brook on creating theatre wrote,"Then over the years I thought, but we're not making pictures. What are we making? we're making relationships. But we can't make relationships; we can let relationships,because that's what any story, any play of any description, anything human, is about: relationships" Earlier in the same interview he talked of Henri Cartier Bresson's phtography. Being ready to capture an exact moment ........getting a composite relationship.
in social sciences there is discussion of how far one can step away from research with people and how far one must accept that one is part of it. Part of telling a story is describing the relationships. At an event that is what we are doing. The storytelling is not neutral. It can never be this. We will always make decisions as to when we press the button. Who we photograph and how.Our creativity comes into play and our relationship to the people. I believe a shot will be influenced by our feelings on the day and how we feel towards those around us and how we are interacting with them.
We are part of the relationships. We are part of the storytelling.
A good party photographer must be a good communicator and an excellent storyteller.


Blogger the clown said...

Maybe essential to be writer,director,actor and editor.
Quite a task.

12:59 am  

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