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Thursday, December 07, 2006

LMUG what is it? Photography?

What do the pressmen/digital paparazzi/spoof paparazzi have in common with LMUG. Chas a founding member of the Pressmen is the membership secretary and treasurer of LMUG. LMUG is the London Mac Users Group. it is a forum where members can share information,help each other and generally solve any problems they may have with using their computer. Chas is pretty adept with computers and often helps others. Within the Pressmen he is our technical expert. As a group we find the mac's are good computers for doing photographic work. Personally I find them much easier to use than other options.

I recommend the user group, it is very friendly and a great place to ask questions. they have a regular meeting once a month on the 2nd monday of the month at the Griffin pub near Marylebone. Check out their web site

I forgot to mention they also have an online forum for questions and answers. It can save a lot of time and expense to get suggestions and answers to questions from people who are a great database of knowledge.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The society said the increase reflected rate rises by the Bank of England in August and November last year.
Borrowers who have been with the building society for less than two years will pay 8.45% while the rest will be subject to an 8.25% rate.

6:35 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

woosh over my head! 1st comment implied joke about nature of lmug - 2nd well that is just surreal putting the best light on it.

1:06 am  

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