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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Painting With Light

Picture (1) Using light to enhance the way something looks is an old techique, but still a very satisfying one. For example, the Ministry of Sound dance club is set in a boring industrial building with straight boring walls and utilitarian ceilings in big open spaces. The outside looks like this:
(this was taken a very wide angle lens pointed upwards so the angles converge)

Picture (2) But even with a little lighting and paint, the building begins to take on a more distinctive character.

Picture (3) Once inside, the boring straight hallway becomes a promise of the party to come.

Picture (4) And further inside, what could easily be the inside of a warehouse (though there is some additional construction inside that belies this purpose) the light totally changes the atmosphere.

Picture (5) And some people can look almost unrecognisable.


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