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Saturday, December 02, 2006

more thoughts on comic paparazzi

We created the idea of Pressmen. To be seen as a member of the press like a photojournalist but also to have a character in the theatrical sense. Our character has developed from the image of 1940-1950's photojournalists. We have used the idea of fake Paparazzi or comic Paparazzi or spoof paparazzi. These are useful descriptions as people find these phrases easy to understand. The trouble with them is the focus on just the Paparazzi idea to the exclusion of photography. Digital Paparazzi is maybe a more useful term but it still tends to have an emphasis on the word paparazzi.
we want to encompass both the storytelling emphasis of photojournalism and the use of communication skills from theatre and performance.
corporate event photography, party photography,Office party photography,wedding photography are the perfect functions for what we do as the pressmen. This linking of the skills of photojournalism and theatrical communication skills enable us to capture the spirit and character of an event. people enjoy our performance as pressmen during the event and are truly impressed by the way we have captured the spirit of the guests in the photographs. have a look at to see our look and a selection of some of our photos.


Blogger the clown said...

still searching for the best way to describe what we do. Need to explore the theatrical side more to show how that works.

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