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Monday, October 23, 2006

Paparazzi at wedding

What is Rapport? It is commonality of perspective/ the natural process of matching and being in alignment with another.

What photographers often want is for there subjects to feel at ease, to be natural, to feel at home in front of the camera. How can that situation be created at a wedding. Not all the guests know one another, they are in a more formal environment than their day to day life and certainly often the photographer is a stranger.

One way to create instant rapport is the utilise the skills of acting and performing. So in our case we often use the role of 1940's paparazzi. The character is one who has to be open and approachable and to treat others as if they are special. For the guests they can recognise this character. Just like meeting a waiter at the wedding it is comfortable to approach them as you know their role and what you can expect of them. Unspoken social codes operate to make it easy for interaction.

A commonality is created. A sense of playfulness and fun is created. the paparazzi character helps generate a fun and open atmosphere. It is this that makes possible good rapport and an openess to be photographed. As the event progresses we often find guests larking about in front of us which enables to get some genuinely exciting and natural shots.


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