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Friday, June 13, 2008

Fake Paparazzi Spoof Paparazzi A quote

“The good thing about my job is I get invited to lots of parties. I always find something that fascinates me. A few weeks ago as I arrived at a party there was a group of what seemed like 1950’s photographers. They were dressed in black trilbys and grey trenchcoats like a Dick Barton convention. There they were shouting out to me as if I was a celebrity. I knew it was an act but I felt like a star. I had just sat down for dinner when one of the people at my table said “look over there.’ Up on a screen was a slide show of us arriving just like real celebrities. A part of me was a little anxious but when my photo came up it was really good. For once I was caught without that awkward I am being photographed look. It was a great party and we were all talking about the photos the next day. I heard the photos could be found on a website and I could buy them. I found one and I looked like a star.
I decided to find out more and I contacted the ‘Pressmen’ who did the photography. I spoke to Melvyn who explained a little of what he and similar groups do.”
That quote was a good illustration of what we do as fake paparazzi /spoof paparazzi. This is something the Pressmen specialize in. There are 2 sides to this. First the fake paparazzi/spoof paparazzi look and the character development. For this to work it is essential that the performers have great interpersonal and performing skills. The second part requires the performers to still maintain the character of fake/spoof paparazzi but also to focus on the photography. This needs good quality DSLR cameras,good technical skills, artistic skills in framing the photographs and an understanding on how best to relate to people when taking photographs. The pressmen as a group constantly strive to buid on the excellent skills they already have.


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