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Monday, June 09, 2008

The Pressmen in Leeds as Event photographers

Another of the Pressmen teams were at the Crowne Plaza in Leeds. As can be seen from the earlier photograph they were joined by look a like celebrities. At the beginning of the evening the Pressmen did their performance as Fake Paparazzi and Spoof Paparazzi. This was important but also a major goal was event photography. The Pressmen had to focus on capturing the story of the event photographically. Using a candid /photojournalistic style they did a great job and the organizers were very pleased. For those interested in technical information the pressmen were using a whaletail attached to their camera flash guns. This helps to diffuse and soften the light to help improve portraiture. It is part of the philosophy of the Pressmen to strive to maintain a pattern of constant and never ending improvement. The idea coming from Japanese management philosophy with the use of the word Kaizen.


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