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Friday, November 24, 2006

Storytelling and business

I have recently read 2 books, Seth Godin, 'All Marketers are liars' and T.L.Gargiulo, 'Stories at work,using stories to improve communication and build relationships.'

I was disappointed by both books. however I did find ideas which interested me. Godin is very clear how important stories are to marketing plans. How do you create a story about your business? Earlier I have referenced the Wikkipedia definition of storytelling.

Your website tells a story both consciously and unconsciously. you write words to convey ideas that you think will convey what you think will be important for your expected reader. Underlying that are the signals from the design,the color,the visual images,the look. You have to understand what story you want to put over and understand how that can be conveyed.


Blogger hermajestythequeen said...

Not everyone has the time or the talent - or wishes to pay others to do the marketing for them. It is a pity that many wonderful people, businesses, artists, craftsmen/women are unsung. I find it rewarding when I recognise any of these people and try to purchase their contributions to life - sometimes by way of a thank-you. I'm so lucky to have everything I need - and more. Over 99.99% of the population are not this privileged.

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