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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Olympics in london- more confusion

BBC reports,"Ken Livingstone has denied the 2012 Olympics finances are in chaos - as he contradicted what Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell told MPs on Tuesday.
Ms Jowell said the cost of the Olympic Park had risen from £2.4bn to £3.3bn, blaming inflation and the decision to spend £400m on a "delivery partner".

But London's Mayor insisted the £2.4bn figure stood, saying any increase was due to other regeneration work.

"Nothing is a mess, everything is going exactly according to plan," he said.

For the Lib Dems, Don Foster MP said the differing messages underlined the need for greater scrutiny of costs in Parliament.

"Ken Livingstone's bizarre denial of cost overruns has merely added to the confusion," he said."

Hello, whats true here. Accounting figures should be clear. Accountability- I don't think so.

So as a londoner I didn't get to vote on whether I wanted to be involved in paying for these games. And now who knows how much as the politicians and administrators can't agree on what the figures are and which ones count.
Do the words farce ring any bells?


Blogger hermajestythequeen said...

I was told by Ken during our recent tea-party that this 4 billion or so included some other items that we hadn't discussed but were so obvious that any discussion wasn't merited. I trust ken more than most - despite his quirky character. He seems honest enough and clear about what he believes to be true. We all make mistakes.

One item is clear though. He is using a company who have delivered on time and to budget - many times. There is no reason to believe that they will not perform well this time too. I'm willing to bet that Ken truly believes that the project will be ready (enough) on time - and I believe it will too. I believed that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq - I still belioeve there were but that we failed to find them swiftly enough. I wonder if anyone has a theory of how they were hidden or transported out of Iraq and where to?... Maybe we should take a look at the satellite images closely again - there were massive machines captured as some evidence. What happened to these? If we knew that satellite imaging was inoperative for certain periods - I imagine the Iraqi's did too. Who are Iraq's closest friends who might assist this vanishing trick. I don't think mirrors were used but there were a miriad of caves and tunnels that would have given cover for such an operation. Has anyone seen my tunnel from Buckingham Palace to The Hyde Park Hotel in Knighsbridge? You see - anyone can do it!

10:01 pm  

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