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Monday, October 02, 2006

Web feet

Great efects on a 17 mil lens on my 5D at 3200 iso noise, what noise, cant hear a thing.


Blogger hermajestythequeen said...

Looks like the colour balance was totally out. What good is a camera in the hands of a moron. I hope you are not one of my subjects. Get back to the country from whence you came. No noise? Then hear this - check your white balance - maybe do a manual white balance - then check your lens and don't use it if it produces a gimmicky image that is meaningless - like the one here. I expect there could have been other pictures that you shot after making the mistake with this one?
Now where are my fish-eye views of Charles & Anne - falling orff a horse together. I was in the puddle looking out. It looks as if I shot it on a Christmas bauble but I shot it with my 8mm fisheye from a puddle. There was a cape on the puddle and a tag with the name Walter inside it. Contact me Walter - if you vont it back actung (oops! my German heritage is showing again).

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