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Saturday, February 24, 2007

wedding photography more technical approach

As to previous post this is a more technical approach to shooting wedding photographs. So the shots with the bride and the car have a very formal quality. The way a photographer might work if they were doing a photoshoot for Hello or OK magazine, filming a celebrity. Of course the bride and groom are the celebrities of their own wedding. Do they want a large amount of staged shots. One can create a fantasy that is not a true representation of who they are and their personalities. I don't know the philosophy of this particular photographer and I am making no judgements either way about his work. Personally I prefer the photojournalist approach the goal being to tell the story of the day and to capture the spirit of all involved. And I felt the photographers in the previous post were doing just this. Its the telling of the story of the wedding that establishes the exciting and interesting memory of the event.


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interesting ideas on exposure and hand gestures

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