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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Haringey Council-Daylight Robbery

In my local sports centre in White Hart Lane Haringey not the richest area in town. My car was clamped by a private security firm wing security. £100 to have the clamp removed.

That is Extortion. That is Daylight Robbery. How far will local councillors go to raise money? Why vote for them? A Labour council that sanctions this Tax.


Blogger the clown said...

Haringey council employ a security firm called Wing security based in Toddington Beds. They couldn't even get a local firm at that money.

I spoke to the security guys who said they were not paid well. so who is taking these profits for nothing. Gangsters would charge less. Haringey council are allowing and helping to put into place what is extortion. This is unacceptable taxation. At £40 one might say ok they had to put the clamp in place. But £100 they is beyond anything that is remotely acceptable.

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