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Friday, February 16, 2007

Ghaffar brings Beijing Opera to London 2

Ghaffar Pourazar has brought over to the Uk The Beijing Opera Monkey Troupe. Today they did a lecture Demonstration for students at the London Metropolitan University. It was a delight to watch as we could see them without makeup. I think these students were lucky to see this as it demonstrated the uniqueness of this art form. What the students could have learnt was the precise movement of Beijing Opera both internal and external. This comes from years of hard and disciplined training. It is a great shame that so few drama departments know that they are in London so many students will fail to see this wonderful Lecture demonstration and thus will fail to learn some of what is lacking in western physical theatre.
Ghaffar went from the Uk to study in China many years ago and is one of the few westerners to ever learn the Monkey King. Given that he speaks fluent English it will be a shame if not more students get to participate in this energising and exciting workshop.


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