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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Fake Paparazzi Value for money

Fake Paparazzi 

can be just that. Fake in the sense that their job is to help create a fun atmosphere and help to ensure the guests feel special. This would easily fit into the concept of Mix and Mingle Entertainment. Ice breaking Entertainment.

 Value for money

 It is important to ask if the client is getting value for money. It is an idea that is rarely thought about. Most clients do not have a good overall vision of what makes an event. They have surely been to events and experienced them but in general it is not their area of expertise. 
What makes an event work and has it achieved its goals which are often implicit rather than explicit. At say a birthday how will a client categorize their event as a success. For each client it will be different but there are certain universal values one can point to. At the end of the event is the client feeling good about their party, are the guests feeling the same, are they thinking about the party, remembering aspects of the party to tell their friends ,have they a recording of the party and so forth.
What goes into achieving these results. The venue, the décor, the food, the entertainment, the atmosphere etc.

So if we are talking about value for money where do fake Paparazzi fit into this. It is important at the beginning of the event that the Fake Paparazzi help guests feel like they are at a party, help to ensure that each guest feels special and help to break the ice between guests who do not know each other. These are the building blocks for creating a fun atmosphere.

Value for money really needs more than that. Fake Paparazzi have cameras and it is a big loss if they don’t have cameras that are fit for purpose and know how to use those cameras as well as know how to look for all the decisive moments that go to create special memories. The skills of a Professional Photographer, or an Event Photographer.
Cheap cameras or camera phones will record certain aspects of a party but they will not be able on a consistent basis capture enough of  the decisive moments. For example, at a birthday party there is the cake cutting moment. There is a period of time when the cake is being cut but in that time there are only a few instances when the photograph would be right. Let alone that the light would show up the person and the cake in the best aspect. To take the decisive moment takes both a skilled photographer and a professional camera and lighting system.
To get value for money the Fake Paparazzi must have the quality of an experienced performer as well as the skills of a professional photographer. The value for money aspect comes in the way the Fake Paparazzi or Spoof Paparazzi can create atmosphere and create memories by recording the decisive moments.

All of that makes the Fake Paparazzi/Spoof Paparazzi/Event Photographer an essential element in what it takes to create a successful event. 


Blogger Unknown said...

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Blogger Unknown said...

While the admin of the web site is working, no question soon it will likely be famous, due to its feature blogs.

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