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Monday, June 03, 2013

Fake Paparazzi and Fake Autograph Hunters

Fake Paparazzi in action

Working at an awards luncheon for a medical supply company. At this function we had a series of goals. We had two fake Paparazzi and two Fake Autograph Hunters. The two Fake Autograph Hunters were trained dancers and actors. 
The first goal was to help create a fun atmosphere for this awards ceremony. As it was in the companies building and during a working day we had to really add extra enthusiasm to create the right sense of theatre. As people arrived the Fake Autograph hunters and the Fake Paparazzi rushed over to the arriving guests treating them as major celebrities,asking for their autographs,calling for them to look at the cameras,and without a doubt creating a sense of fun. After the event we heard from the client as to the impact we had on the awards ceremony. The second goal was to continue creating a sense of fun during the lunch and then continue with that energy into the awards themselves.

During the lunch itself we added an idea that could be called Photo Bombing. People do this when an odd person turns up in a picture. This can happen with tourists when a stranger pulls an odd face at the back of their picture. Here we turned this idea into a very positive experience combining it with the continuing idea that all the guests are very special. So both our Fake Autograph Hunters posed behind guests at every table. That way everybody had a good time and we got to take photos of all the guests enjoying themselves.

As to the Awards Ceremony we again helped to build the atmosphere. With a lot of awards the continued walking to the podium can be a downtime if there are lots of awards. Our dancers accompanied people along the red carpet improvising new actions with every award winner. So cheering their name,different dance steps with them,twirls and whirls. This was something the client had not seen before and they were very pleased  with the interaction. 

Of course all of this was professionally photographed by the two pressmen.

Pressman working as event Photographer

Fake Autograph Hunters in action


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