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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Presmen down the thames as fake paparazzi

shooting great pictures using HDR as we are now using one of the top end Canon Cameras which can shoot 10 frames a second so movement on the HDR is kept to a minimum and here are some of the results


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes - this is the best image I've seen taken on a 10 frames an hour Kiknon using HDR to mask the awfulness of your usual rubbush.

Don't you find HDR abnormally artificial especially the way you have pushed the sliders in your control panels? I guess it's OK for a suedo 'art' gallery relying on crawlers to compliment you on your superb skills and be amazed with a sharp image almost framed properly but not quite.

This white space is the best thing you have produced so far apart from maybe a similar space which was all black (or is that containing all colours in appropriate proposrtions.

Nan nan nanan nanan banannanananananana - from anononononomouse apple app organised -

2:53 pm  

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