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Friday, April 06, 2007

The pressmen watch james james street magician in Neal Street Covent Garden

I saw James a few years ago and without a doubt his act is going from strength to strength. He is a street magician performing the cups and balls routine which I suspect owes a lot to the modern developments of Dai Vernon. Cellini developed the act as a street act and after him we have seen Gazzo,nick Nicholas and gary animal to name a few I have seen and liked performing this type of routine. James performs this well and has some very good gags to fit with his style of performing. I believe prince charles learnt the cups and balls to perform it at the magic circle but I am not sure of this fact. Just checked via google and he did pass the magic circle test with this act. Another variation on the same theme was performed by Paul daniels who used to do a one ball and one cup routine that was both comical and magical. Cups and balls I believe goes back to egyptian times so it has as an act an amazing heritage.


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