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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Joel Meyerowitz Street Photography

A friend of mine suggested I should look at a video of joel Meyerowitz. If you google his website you can find a video of him discussing his techniques for street photography. Interesting.


Blogger hermajestythequeen said...

Yes - wonderful. Lovely website too. Try

and feel pleased that you visited. Not many of these photographers around really. It's worth looking at a few photographers work that you respect after feeling good about your own photography. It will bring most back to earth again.

I am still aloof of course. Nothing touches my own Photo collections (all by master photographers). I do not touch a camera myself but do shout out directions to my footmen and ocassionally to Charles, Andrew, Anne and bloody Philip (he's so slow these days). We all enjoyed Joel's website.

7:17 pm  

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