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Thursday, July 27, 2006

here we go

Well so far we have created an interesting group to work both in the corporate market and to develop ideas for our own artistic work.

We can be very proud of the book we created and how it showed the character of the event we were shooting. I think this blog can be about how we can improve on that. To share ideas on both creative and technical shooting. how to organize at events and how to truly engage with clients.

There will be a lot more as so far this is a first experiment.


Blogger Tim Gooding said...

As part of the group, good start. Tim

3:29 pm  
Blogger hermajestythequeen said...

Maybe a video too - so that the whole thing can be purchased by those who were there for a later viewing. They will not have seen as much as you do - and will enjoy seeing colleagues and others enjoying (or not) the event.

A suggestion is to have a technical guy at work (solely) so you are not distracted from your creative/other shooting. The extra cash for this guy/girl can come from much increased sales of pictures and DVD's/books SOLD by a girl armed with contact sheets of the images already printed. If possible - do not sell/give away the first prints immediately. Persuade your client that it is better to display the prints/show the video on-screen and that the party crowd actually purchases any of the images they like from your roving girl. Maybe have the 8x6's displayed numbered appropriately and a list alongside to which those interested can put the number they wish to have, quantity and name, address, tel number. Dat girl also takes orders from the contact sheets which are all in plastic ring binder sheets also numbered. Dat girl also takes da money and tags those names who need to pay before receiving pics/video.

The client can still have all the prints etc for himself if he requires them (and if this is included in the initial cost)

I think more people will then see your images and have a chance to have some for themselves + you will make more dosh and perhaps more importantly in these relatively early days - obtain much more exposure.

The guy and girl added to the happy trio will enable you to do so much more and thus gain a reputation for value for money. There is and will be more competition in the future and I imagine you should place yourselves in a position where it is hard to emulate any success you are having.

The technical guy should have more than enough time whilst the prints are flowing (you need more than 2 printers in case of any problems) to put together the video. It could be with a selected music track chosen by the client maybe... (even if the event does not play it with music - the DVD's can have a sound track). Maybe you can access some gizmo that is attuned to playing a sound track where there is some sort of emphasis/change when a picture or group of pictures changes (if you see what I mean). After all - the more ingenious (up to a point) the whole thing appears the better your future reputation and word-of-mouth fame will spread.

I also believe that if the pap image is to be projected the three of you should have some training in using certain phrases that you can draw on when necessary. Maybe train each other with the phrases that you know work? Interview that Australian guy who has appeared on TV who seems to know his stuff and try to gain some info here. Maybe others can help. It should then give you an opportunity to put together a short for TV of what goes on with 'The Pressmen".

I hope these words are are of some help and I'm not teaching granny to suck eggs. Sorry for the slightly negative remarks on the site earlier but at least I'm getting your blog going a bit.

If you need any elaboration on any of the above - ask Chas.

Oh - and remember what the gypsies said.

P.S. I left my crown on board with one of you - could you kindly return it to Blair - who I will be meeting later today.

10:31 am  
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