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Monday, July 31, 2006

weegee photographer

Weegee was the pseudonym of Arthur Fellig (June 12, 1899 - December 26, 1968), an American photographer and photojournalist, known for his stark black and white street photography. Have a look here and here to follow up some of the references to see his photography. A pioneer. Imagine having created in your car boot, a dark room.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

party boat on the Thames.

We recently worked on this boat for a wedding party. Tim took this picture with the lens mentioned in an earlier report.

book on wedding photography

I spent the day talking photography with simon experimenting with lighting and doing some street photography. Then we went into borders ordered tea and browsed some magazines and books. Found one book I liked. The art of wedding photography by bambi cantrell and skip cohen. The names didn't help as I started thinking of bambi and skippy the bush kangaroo. However, I liked the philosophy behind the photography, with a lot of good shots to look at. They talk about capturing the emotion of the day. Photojournalism. It is just what I love to capture. What makes it all worthwhile for me. I haven't read it fully yet but what I've looked at so far is impressive. Pop into your local bookshop and have a look.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

point and shoot camera for photojournalism

Found this, A blog by mark sweeting about point and shoot photography. here he referred to this article About a professional photojournalist who uses a point and shoot camera on assignment. Very interesting.

i pod camera connector

I wanted a way when I was on holiday to store my photo's without carrying my laptop around. I took a trip to the apple store in oxford street and bought the i pod camera connector. A day later I went on holiday to greece. And yes the camera connector worked very well. Real simple to use even for those who aren't happy with technology. It is slow when compared to a computer doing the same job but the result is the same. For me it is now a must for all my trips. And makes me even more happy with my I pod.

Fire Walking

I had a call from a friend of mine in the lighting industry, who was lighting a fire walking So I grabbed my 5D to see what it would do without the flash and I was amazed and really pleased, no noise and all hand held at 3200 ISO.
Using a canon zoom 20-35 F3.5 to 4.5 and a 50 mil lens at F1.8 the large screen on the back makes viewing really easy.
If you want to have a look at the results go to
Spring Board pictures

Friday, July 28, 2006

14 mm of fun

When I first purchased a very expensive 14mm lens I wondered if I would really use it that much. After all, there is not a high demand in events for that focal length. Also, because it is so far from normal human perpective (about 100mm) it can look strange to many people. However, after practicing with a little bit I found it can create many stunning images that are simply unavailable to most people (because many popular cameras and lenses only go to about 28mm). Apart from the obvious benefits as an architectural lens, it can grab so much of a scene that it can place the viewer inside and event as it they were there, looking around.

I will be gathering my wide angle shots at some point and let everyone have a look. If you want to wade through a lot of other stuff, they are scattered throughout this site:

Photo Bucket


mobiles and street photography

LG unveils the 5 megapixel LG KG920 cameraphone, which also features a 4x digital zoom and 180 degree twist design. Is this a good phone/camera I don't know. But camera features on mobile phones seem to be getting better and better. and that seems to be having consequences on Paparrazzi. I watched a program on the TV last night on how the general public is getting in on the possibilities of photographing celebrities and getting paid for doing so. everyone is becoming street photographers. I wonder what the consequences will be for photography? Will more people become involved or is this just a superficial point and shoot phenomenon.

photoshop world conference

Photoshop World Conference & Expo – the largest Photoshop educational event in the world – will be held September 7-9 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

seen this book

Window Seat: The Art of Digital Photography & Creative Thinking, by Julieanne Kost, ISBN: 0596100833

has anyone seen this book? Apparently, interesting ideas on the creative use of photoshop.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


We have just found a great service operated by a company called photobox. This will sound like an advert even though it isn't. They provide a service whereby it is possible to create a book, not an album. Until I actually saw the book this meant little to me. We worked at a function, a wedding party on a boat. We edited the photos and uploaded them to photobox. There they give you options for various layouts using simple drag and drop features. We created a storyline of the photos and ordered the book. However, the client suddenly wanted the book yesterday. Great! I phoned photobox and they said I could collect. They came good. I picked up the book and was amazed. It was brilliant. The client was blown away and ordered more books. This time the book came by courier and again the whole system worked smoothly. This book idea is absolutely superb.

I am impressed by photobox and their service, totally 5 star and whats more the price is incredible value.

recommended books

Just bought 2 new books in charity shops. Both interesting. Litchfield on photography. Only £5. Also book by Terry Cryer photojournalism from the 1950's, very interesting shots if you like candid photography.

here we go

Well so far we have created an interesting group to work both in the corporate market and to develop ideas for our own artistic work.

We can be very proud of the book we created and how it showed the character of the event we were shooting. I think this blog can be about how we can improve on that. To share ideas on both creative and technical shooting. how to organize at events and how to truly engage with clients.

There will be a lot more as so far this is a first experiment.